Kids Bjj

  • Self-defense against bullying

  • Confidence

  • Discipline 

  • Athletic development

  • Team Work Developing

  • Nurturing family environment

What can your child expect here at Solid Base BJJ?

First and foremost.. to have FUN! a normal class starts with a warm-up, running, jumping jacks, a variety of exercises to get the blood flowing. The instructor will then go into the ground or floor drills. The floor drills are isolated Jiu-Jitsu movements that create coordination, core strength, and muscle memory. After this, the instructor will continue with his specialized training to create balance, explosive strength and overall synchronization of the movements learnt in different variations.

Once done with the above, the instructor will begin with the technical movements. He will demonstrate a technique, then repeat the technique several times on both sides to encourage muscle memory and fluidity in the moves. The instructor will then teach the students how to combine the newly learnt moves and how to connect them to an overall strategy, learning when to apply defensive vs offensive tactics.

After this, the class comes to a close with live training or “sparring” in a controlled environment where the technique learnt is then simulated in a sparring situation where the kids are then required to repeat the technique they learnt earlier.

This carries on between different sparring partners to help with their long term retention, having said that, at Solid Base, Discipline above all comes first in order to ensure the safety of our students and staff alike.

At Solid Base, our head instructor Ricardo Oliveira has had the privilege to build champions and would like to continue doing so, leaving behind a legacy worth remembering, through wholesome champions, on and off the mats.

Children involved with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu are more likely to demonstrate a greater tolerance for stress and frustration and tend to have superior problem solving and adaptive skills. Builds Overall Social Skills by Interaction with Kids of All Ages, Backgrounds and Skill Sets