Solid Base is a necessary foundation to build upon great achievements. Working towards bettering yourself, your goals and ambitions to hone the art of jiu jitsu require a strong understanding of the fundamental movements. This will enable to you develop your own style and signature moves to the gentle art of the sport.

Familiarising and understanding the sequence of movements and counter-movements is a progressive commitment and you will get better with time.

Here at Solid Base BJJ, we use fundamentals as the core tool to help students develop their skills, evolving through continuous practice and attendance.

Solid Base BJJ focuses on the pillars of confidence, discipline, integrity, honour, and respect. Our academy encourages friendship and commodore through the sport in a family-friendly environment. We see values and principles through the art, sport, and through living the jiujitsu lifestyle, which also promotes fitness, and the physical and mental development of each of our students.

Through practice, students grow, mature, and learn all while having fun and building lifelong positive relationships, with others, and more importantly with themselves.

Solid Base BJJ strives for excellence in personal development and enforces respectful behaviour, on and off the mat. We Believe in the conduct of sportsmanship, and dignity in pursuit of our goals.